Thank you for visiting Coaches Corner and congratulations for pursuing your passion for a career in life coaching. I remember the day I first learned about coaching lit a fire in me that continues to grow. As I approached the end of my career I felt that creating a match-making service for coaches and people in need of coaching would become central to my second work life.

As a Navy Reservist, I couldn’t have foreseen the eventuality of being called up for a 3-month tour of duty on the medical ship the USNS MERCY, which turned into a 2-year term of service right when I began to bring the Coaches Corner website to fruition. Through a few twists and turns I find myself now serving full-time on active duty in the Navy and completing a Master’s degree through the Naval Postgraduate School. My military service is an important part of who I am and I find that currently my service to the Navy and this extraordinary educational opportunity make it impossible to effectively give Coaches Corner the attention it and you deserve. For this reason, I am taking the advice of my own coach and putting the website on hold until I complete the Master’s Program.

I would encourage you to continue to follow Coaches Corner on Facebook where I will be periodically posting ideas and tools which you may find useful to your coaching practice. This will also be the place where I announce the return of Coaches Corner and when it will be LIVE again.

Until then, continue to be a beacon of hope and source of liberation for those who seek it, for the world needs your greatness.

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